Nyheder 2012


E&P Seminar: “Environmental Impact Assessment in Oil and Gas – Denmark and Greenland”

Date and time: Thursday 13 December 2012 at 17.00 – 19.30 hours.
Venue: Kronprinsessegade 46E, DK-1306 Copenhagen K
Please see the presentation from the meeting (in Danish) here: VVM-præsentation 13 december 2012, and the invitation and programme here: Invitation for EIA (VVM) seminar.

Presentation to Marine Renewable Energy conference, Brest, France

11 October 2012. Bo Sandroos spoke at the Marine Renewable Energy conference on 10-11 October 2012. The subject of Bo’s talk was offshore wind in Denmark – past, present and future – and the Danish regulatory framework governing it. Bo had been invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speak as the national Danish expert. Presentation University of Brest 11 October 2012.

 Article: “Health and Safety – a recent Canadian perspective”

9 October 2012. This article provides a review of a recent Canadian report, which contains a number of relevant and interesting questions regarding HSE that management in E&P companies, suppliers and contractors should consider. Health and safety – a recent Canadian perspective.

Presentation to Offshore Center Danmark Annual Meeting

13 September 2012. We were invited to give an introduction to shale gas onshore Denmark. More than 150 members attended the annual event in Esbjerg. Please see our presentation here: An Introduction to Shale Gas in Denmark – OCD annual meeting 13-09-2012.

 Article: More on health and safety in offshore wind

5 September 2012. We provide an expanded version of a previous article on the regulation of health and safety in offshore wind in Denmark. The article will be published in the ON/OFF magazine shortly. Please see the article here: ON-OFF article on health and safety in offshore wind.

Article: “Olie- og gasstrategi i Danmark – og i Skotland”

(in Danish)
29 August 2012. A report issued by a working party of Scottish oil and gas industry and authorities is interesting as an inspiration to developing Denmark’s oil and gas strategy. Read a summary here in Danish here: Olie- og gasstrategi i Danmark – og i Skotland.

Article: “Fit for purpose”

(in Danish)
28 August 2012. The concept of a supply or delivery being “fit for purpose” is not entirely clear. We explain the concept and provide guidelines to avoid liability for warranties, in this article in Danish: Fit for purpose.

Status of the Danish 7th Licensing Round

23 August 2012. The Danish Energy Agency has previously announced plans for a 7th licensing round for the North Sea to take place in 2013. In this note we provide recent information regarding status: Danish 7th Licensing Round – Status August 2012.

Revision of the model Accounting Procedure of the AIPN

22 August 2012. The AIPN (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators) has completed the revision of the JOA Accounting Procedure. Work has now commenced on a “Unit” accounting procedure. A review of the updated procedures can be found AIPN Accounting Procedure revision.

Reception and mini-seminar on 12 June 2012 at 17.00

We hosted a reception at our offices in connection with the publication of the book “Undergrundsloven med Kommentarer”. Following the reception presentations were held on the subject of operatorship under the Danish subsoil act, with active discussions and networking. Please see the presentations and the invitation here (in Danish): Præsentation seminar 12-06-2012. Invitation: Reception 12 juni 2012.

“Offshorekontrakter – juni 2012″

(training courses held in Danish)
We offer intensive one-day training courses in offshore contracts specifically designed for suppliers and contractors in the offshore sector. The courses are held in Esbjerg on 21 June 2012 and in Copenhagen on 28 June 2012. Individual company workshops and training are also offered.You can see the invitation and detailed course program here: Kursus – offshorekontrakter juni 2012.

Article: “Offshorekontrakter – også et spørgsmål om mennesker” (in Danish)

1 May 2012. This article gives an overview of how offshore contracts typically deal with personnel/person issues, such as the parties’ representatives, delegation of duties, replacement of key personnel and personnel disputes. Please read the article here: Offshorekontrakter – også et spørgsmål om mennesker.

Article: “Geotermi-projekter i Danmark” (in Danish)

30 April 2012. This article in Danish describes the current state of geothermal projects onshore Denmark, with an overview of resource potential, challenges and business opportunities for suppliers and contractor. Please see the article here: Geotermi-projekter i Danmark.

New book on oil and gas law in Denmark (in Danish)

24 April 2012. Attorney and partner in Sandroos law firm, Bo Sandroos, has authored a new book on Danish oil and gas law which will be available from 15 May 2012. The book contains the most up-to-date insight on the Danish Subsoil Act with a special focus on the rules governing exploration and production of oil and gas in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Please read more here: “Undergrundsloven med Kommentarer”, and see the link from DJ˜F Publishing here: Undergrundsloven med kommentarer.

Article: “Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) – Latest Developments”

6 March 2012. With a 7th Danish licensing round scheduled for 2013 E&P companies are looking at potential exploration targets in the Danish sector of the North Sea. An industry model contract for AMI€™s is currently being prepared. Our firm is a member of the drafting committee and we provide an overview of the standard contract and the drafting process. Read the article here: Article on Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) – Latest Developments.

Presentation: “Sikkerhed og sundhed i offshore vind”

1 March 2012. We prepared the following presentation for the “Energi på Havet” conference in Esbjerg in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark. Please see the presentation here: Offshore vind – sikkerhed og sundhed. An English translation can be found here: Offshore wind – health & safety.

Offshore Suppliers’ Council – Denmark

Offshore Suppliers’ Council is an association open to Danish offshore companies (typically smaller and medium-sized enterprises) that wish to utilize a joint legal secretariat. The purpose is to assist Danish offshore firms with legal assistance according to high professional standards. Each member pays an annual fee based on the individual member€™s use of the secretariat. Read more: Offshore Suppliers Council – Denmark.

Presentation: “Offshore Contracts” (in Danish)

7 February 2012. We gave a presentation at the members’ meeting in the “Offshore Supply” group. The meeting was held at Eagle Burgmann in Vejen on 7 February 2012. Please see the presentation (in Danish) here:  PowerPoint presentation 7 February 2012.

 Article: “Shale Gas in Denmark”

20 January 2012. Whereas shale gas has been produced in commercial quantities in the US for many years, the very first steps in shale gas in Denmark have only recently been taken. We describe the potential and the challenges of shale gas in this article: Shale gas in Denmark.

Article: “Skifergas onshore Danmark”

(article in Danish)
12 January 2012. An article in Danish regarding the status of shale gas in Denmark: Skifergas onshore Danmark.

Article: “Time is of the essence – hvad betyder det i offshore fabrikation?”

(article in Danish)
5 January 2012. We take a closer look at “time is of the essence” clauses in offshore fabrication contracts. The article is in Danish and can be read here: Time is of the essence – hvad betyder det i offshore fabrikation?