Nyheder 2013


Presentations from the seminar on “Leverandørsamarbejder i offshoreindustrien” 26 and 28 November 2013.

The presentations are now available and can be seen here: Presentation 26-11-2013 in EsbjergPresentation 28-11-2013 in Copenhagen (in Danish).

Seminar: “Leverandørsamarbejder i offshoreindustrien” (in Danish)

Sandroos law firm is offering an informal seminar on supplier collaborations and joint ventures , held in Esbjerg on 26 November and in Copenhagen on 28 November, both at 16.00 hours. The event is offered in collaboration with Oil Gas Denmark – a good opportunity to understand strengths and weaknesses of joining forces with other suppliers and contractors. Please see the invitation here: Invitation for seminars 26 and 28 November – Supplier Collaborations.

Presentations from the seminars on “Offshore Health & Safety – the Practical and Legal Issues” 24 and 28 October 2013.

The presentations are now available and can be seen here: Presentation Esbjerg 24-10-2013Presentation Copenhagen 28-10-2013.

Seminar: “Offshore Health & Safety – the Practical and Legal Issues”

Sandroos law firm is offering an informal seminar on offshore health and safety, held in Esbjerg on 24 October and in Copenhagen on 28 October, both at 17.00 hours. The event is offered in collaboration with Oil Gas Denmark and DONG E&P. We review current regulations and best practices, and the seminars are a good opportunity to learn as well as to network. Please see the invitation here: Programme – Offshore Health and Safety October 2013.

Briefing Note: “New Political Agreement on Danish Hydrocarbon Taxation”

18 September 2013. Yesterday a majority in the Danish Parliament adopted a political agreement to transfer all license holders that had previously opted for the “old rules” on E&P taxation to the current rules that have been in force since 2004. Please see our briefing note here: New Political Agreement on Taxation.

The Danish Energy Agency awards contract to Sandroos law firm

18 September 2013. Sandroos law firm has been awarded a contract by the Danish Energy Agency to carry out a report on geothermal driling and development. Read more here: Contract for Risk Management in Deep Geothermal Drilling .

Article: “Er din organisation fit – til at levere til offshoreindustrien?” (in Danish)

3 September 2013. Is your organisation fit to sell and deliver to the offshore industry? In this article we investigate the 8 most important functions of a contractor/supplier, and describe how you can optimize each function to fit with the offshore industry’s needs: Er din organisation fit – til at levere til offshoreindustrien?

Briefing Note: Update on the upcoming Danish 7th licensing round

20 August 2013. This briefing note contains an update on the plans for the upcoming 7th Danish licensing round in the North Sea. Please see the article here: Status of Upcoming 7th Licensing Round – August 2013.

Update on EU Developments in Oil and Gas E&P

30 July 2013. We provide an update on two EU Directives that came into force during July 2013, the new offshore safety Directive and the updated accounting Directive, which both are likely to have a significant bearing on the E&P industry. Please see the update here: Two new EU Directives in the oil and gas sector (PDF)Two new EU Directives in the oil and gas sector.

Presentation: “Sådan vinder du udbud”

(in Danish)
19 June 2013. We presented our thoughts and best practices regarding tenders, to an audience of 50+ members of the Danish Marine & Offshore Group at their meeting in the DONG offices in Gentofte. Please see our 30 minute presentation with back-up slides here: Sådan vinder du udbud – DMOG 19-06-2013.

Presentation: “Undergrundsloven – olie- og gasindustrien retsforhold”

(in Danish)
4 June 2013.  Bo Sandroos facilitated the annual course on the Danish Subsoil Act to a number of Danish practicing attorneys for “Advokaternes-HR”. A copy of the presentation slides is available by contacting Bo Sandroos. 

Presentation: “Liability in Offshore Exploration & Production”

30 May 2013. We gave a presentation of oil and gas liability issues at CEVIA, a center for enterprise liability at the law faculty of University of Copenhagen.


(training courses held in Danish)
We offer intensive one-day training courses in offshore contracts. The courses are held in Esbjerg on 23 May, in Aarhus on 27 May and in Copenhagen on 6 June 2013. You can see the invitation and detailed course program here: Kursus – offshorekontrakter 2013. The program has been UPDATED: Kursus – offshorekontrakter 2013 – OPDATERET.

Briefing Note: Update on the future Danish 7th licensing round

3 April 2013. This briefing note contains an update on the plans for a future 7th Danish licensing round in the North Sea. Please see the article here:  Danish 7th Licensing Round – Status April 2013.

Opportunities for Partnerships

Sandroos advokatfirma is offering office partnerships in central Copenhagen. Please find more information here (in Danish): Advokater til kontorfællesskab.

Seminar: “Sådan vinder du udbud” (in Danish)

We are offering seminars on tendering rules in the offshore sector and give guidance for suppliers and contractors on how to prepare bids that maximize win chances.
Dates and venues: 5 March at 16.00 at Hotel Britannia, Esbjerg, and 7 March at 16.00 at Oil Gas Denmark, Copenhagen. Please see the detailed invitation here: Sådan vinder du udbud. An extra seminar is held on 18 March 2013 at Hotel Britannia, Esbjerg, at 16.00. The presentation from the seminars can be viewed here: “Sådan vinder du udbud” – Esbjerg and Copenhagen. PowerPoint presentation.

Article: “Sikkerhed – betydningen af sikkerhed” (in Danish)

5 February 2013.  In this article we dig a little deeper in the reasons why safety is of paramount importance offshore – we focus on process integrity as one of the best arguments for safety: Sikkerhed – betydningen af sikkerhed.

Article: “Betalingsfrister” (in Danish)

1 February 2013. This article describes recent changes to the law of payment terms in Denmark and the impact on offshore suppliers and contractors: Betalingsfrister.

Article: “Differentiators” (in Danish)

3o January 2013. In this short article we encourage suppliers and contractors bidding for work in competitive tenders to consider the difference between the basic requirements and the diffentiators in order to win the contract: Differentiering.

Course materials: “Projektforhandlinger og -kontrakter” (in Danish)

28 January 2013. Bo Sandroos is external lecturer at the University of Southern Denmark’s project leadership course. The first class just graduated from the course in Project Negotiations and Contracts, and for those interested the first course module (of six) can be seen here: Session 1. The course is expected to be offered again in the autumn of 2013.